Repairs & Maintenance

Outside Faucet
 Leaking and Hard to Turn Handle

Replace that problem some faucet before to becomes a major problem. Does that line have a shut off? It should otherwise the whole house water supply needs to be shut off. Older house; it probably doesn't have a frost proof type faucet and could freeze and burst.

Crusty Pipes

Does your piping have lots of white and green crusty build up on the connections? It could be a leak waiting to happen. We can inspect piping and connections, replace bad and weak connections. We can upgrade them to a new lower maintenance type products.

Washer Shut Off Valves

Hard to operate shut off valves?
We can replace them with new dual line shut offs or upgrade to a single leveler dual shut off handle.

Slow or Noisy Drains

We can diagnose the problem. It could be a clog, a not properly vented pipe or incorrectly installed. Could it be a improperly installed appliance like a dishwasher or disposal?

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